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“Every person is unique and therefore needs individual support.
I take time for them as a doctor. “

Your dermatologist

After 12 beautiful years in Linz I returned to my hometown Vienna after the birth of our daughter.
In the meantime, I spent 1 year in Tanzania, which has shaped me personally, as well as dermatologically enormously enriched.
I’m glad that dermatology is still a lot of fun for me. Outside of my ordination, I like mountain biking and yoga. As a mum of a 3 year old daughter, it is very important for me to take care of and look after children as independent patients.



2003 – 2012 | Specialist at the dermatological department KH d.Elisabethinen, Linz,
Consultant in charge of the National Nerve Clinic Wagner Jauregg, LKH Steyr, LKH Vöcklabruck
Head of the Allergy Outpatient Department at the Department of Dermatology in the KH d Elisabethienen / Linz
2010 | Dermatologist at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center Moshi / Tanzania
2009 | Specialist Diploma for Specialist in Skin and Venereal Diseases
Department of Dermatology KH Elisabethinen | Prim. Univ. Dr. Doz. Small
HIV / AIDS Department AKH – Linz | Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Auböck
Teaching Practice | Dr. Waldl, catfish
2005 | Diploma as a general practitioner
2000 | Doctorate at the Med. University Vienna
since 2016 elective ordinance at Kagranerplatz in Vienna
Representation in Vienna and Upper Austria
2011 – 2014 | Elective doctor ordination in Upper Austria
Certification course for the AGNES neurodermatitis trainer
Certification course Aesthetic botulinum toxin therapy
Certification course Aesthetic injection treatment with filler
Diploma for duplex sonography of the veins
Teaching at Vincentinum-Sister School d. BHS
Education of students to Advanced Diploma for Dermatology and Venereology in Moshi / Tanzania
Training assistant for dermatology at KH Steyr
Notary Diploma, Continuing Education Certificate ÖÄK
  • ÖGDV (Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venereology)
  • EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology)
  • ÖGDC (Austrian Society for Dermatosurgery)
  • ÖGDK (Austrian Society for Dermatological Cosmetics and Age Research)
  • Member of the ÖGDV Working Groups: Pediatric Dermatology | Allergology

Your servic

Skin changes often appear differently on children’s skin than in adults, and the therapy is often different in childhood. Children are not small adults, their treatment requires much understanding and time, which I take as a doctor for you and your child.

Classic childhood diseases include:

Virus warts, mollusc warts, diaper rash
Impetigo contagiosa (= dirt), skin rashes in the context of viral infections, hives,
but also eczema and psoriasis (psoriasis)

Due to my many years of experience as head of the Allergy Outpatient Department at the KH Elisabethinen / Linz, I am convinced that a detailed interview with the patient is the basis for a purposeful allergological clarification. In addition, skin tests (PRICK / epicutaneous test) as well as laboratory tests can help to confirm the diagnosis. The determination of recombinant allergens in the blood is helpful to offer you a meaningful, efficient therapy.
New therapies for hyposensitization are available in addition to vaccination in tablets and drops.

Birthmark – Check for early melanoma detection using reflected light microscopy
Diagnosis and treatment of white skin cancer and its precursors | actinic keratosis | Basalioma | Squamous cell carcinoma | Bowen’s disease
Advice on sun protection
Vascular laser (KTP laser 532nm)
For the treatment of couperose, enlarged capillaries in the face and small sponges in my office a KTP laser system is available. With this nearly painless method, the desired result can be achieved in many cases after a single application. Treatment is fast and without downtime.

Botox treatment
Wrinkles on the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead or the mouth are often perceived as disturbing and may affect our self-confidence. Folds are not an inevitable destiny these days. The gentle treatment with Botox (botulinum toxin A) visibly reduces wrinkles and gives us a fresher and younger appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid – Filler Treatment
Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that has been successfully used for wrinkle injection for many decades. To regain the youthful, fresh look, wrinkle injection with Hyaluronic Acid (Filler) can help. The filler can be used to build up the volume of cheeks and lips, for injecting the wrinkles, such as nasolabial fold, wrinkle wrinkles and on the upper lip wrinkles.

Fruit acid peels
Depending on the skin type, 5 to 10 treatments are necessary, which are carried out at a distance of 2 to 6 weeks on the face and décolleté. In a fruit acid peeling, the upper part of the skin layer is removed and the collagen formation of the deeper skin layers is stimulated. It can be used to treat acne scars and skin rejuvenation.

Spider veins – sclerotherapy
In sclerotherapy of spider veins, an agent (ethoxysklerol) is administered into the superficial veins, which thereby transiently disappear. A burning sensation can occur for a short time. After the procedure, it is necessary to wear a compression stocking.

Increased sweating can be a major burden in our everyday lives, both in the professional environment and in interpersonal relationships.

Welding edges in the area of the armpits on shirts or blouses, sweat beads on the forehead without physical exertion … Depending on the severity and localization of excessive sweating different therapies are available.

In the armpit, treatment with botulinum toxin can be successfully done, the effect usually persists for 4-6 months.


As a doctor I have no contract with a health insurance. My patients are therefore private patients. You can thus take advantage of all benefits of a doctor and pay for the services I provide in cash.

For you as my patients, the following advantages arise:

I can take as much time as necessary to answer your questions and needs in detail.
You benefit from short-term and flexible appointment scheduling.
In the waiting room it comes by the individual appointments only for you to short waiting times.

Yes. Like a medical doctor, I am allowed to perform all diagnostic and therapeutic services in my area of expertise. Of course, this includes the issuing of prescriptions, transfers, sick leave etc.

Depending on your health insurance, you may be reimbursed for part of the costs the health insurance company would pay a physician with a cash contract for the corresponding service. You can submit your fee to your health insurance company. Information on this can be obtained from us or e.g. on the homepage of your health insurance. Some services are exclusively private services. Here a refund is not possible. In this case, I will point you separately. Insert insurance.

Please note:

If I am not the first dermatologist you visit this quarter, you may not be reimbursed for the visit!

For you as my patients, the following advantages arise:

I can take as much time as necessary to answer your questions and needs in detail.
You benefit from short-term and flexible appointment scheduling.
In the waiting room it comes by the individual appointments only for you to short waiting times.

Appointments can be made by calling

+43 (0) 680/5010150,

or arrange online.

Yes. Even with acute dermatological problems, we ask for telephone registration. In order to keep the waiting times for each patient as short as possible, an appointment is always necessary.


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